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Sid KDE 3.1 upgrade report

I finally removed all of Karolina's packages and replaced them with
official Sid packages, plus those in people.debian.org/~ccheney that
haven't made it into Sid yet. Mostly went well, but perhaps I did
not get my sources.list quite right for ~ccheney? I have the following

deb http://people.debian.org/~ccheney/ kde-3.1.0-1/
deb http://people.debian.org/~ccheney/ kde-other/

Most things installed, but kdenetwork packages from ~ccheney/kde-other
got error 404, file not found. Are the above lines not right, or is
there a problem in the repository?

Also, a few packages from Karolina's repository are not yet available in
sid or ~ccheney. The ones I particularly want are kgamma and noteedit. I
gather noteedit has recently been adopted, so hopefully we'll see a new
build of that soon in Sid. Will someone be making a kgamma package?

A couple of things continue to annoy me about KDE which it seems (to me)
that I can't be the only person bothered by them. So perhaps there are
solutions I don't know about for these issues:

1. Keyboard repeat rate. KDE Control Center lets you enable or disable
keyboard repeat, but you cannot set the initial delay time or repeat

2. Locale setting. KDE keeps leaving me with LANG=C. I have selected
English, USA in KDE Control Center's locale panel, but this seems not to
have any effect on the environment variables visible in Konsoles.

3. Mouse buttons. I have a Microsoft Optical Intellimouse with both a
wheel and extra side buttons. KDE seems to offer no convenient way to
initialize this correctly so that the scroll wheel works right.

4. There seems to be no KDE-specific per-user init script for
customization of the environment.

My current hacked-up fix for this is to give myself a fix for #4 by
invoking $HOME/.kdestart from /etc/kde3/debian/startkde, just after the
invocation of ksplash. In $HOME/.kdestart, I call xmodmap to set up the
mouse buttons, kbdrate to set up the keyboard repeat rate, and invoke my
$HOME/.bash_profile to initialize my environment. Are there better


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