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Re: Sid KDE 3.1 upgrade report

sotnabeaivi, guovvamánu 16. b. 2003 07.04, Craig Dickson don čállet:
> I finally removed all of Karolina's packages and replaced them with
> official Sid packages, plus those in people.debian.org/~ccheney that
> haven't made it into Sid yet. Mostly went well, but perhaps I did
> not get my sources.list quite right for ~ccheney? I have the following
> lines:
> deb http://people.debian.org/~ccheney/ kde-3.1.0-1/
> deb http://people.debian.org/~ccheney/ kde-other/
> Most things installed, but kdenetwork packages from ~ccheney/kde-other
> got error 404, file not found. Are the above lines not right, or is
> there a problem in the repository?
> Also, a few packages from Karolina's repository are not yet available in
> sid or ~ccheney. The ones I particularly want are kgamma and noteedit. I
> gather noteedit has recently been adopted, so hopefully we'll see a new
> build of that soon in Sid. Will someone be making a kgamma package?
> A couple of things continue to annoy me about KDE which it seems (to me)
> that I can't be the only person bothered by them. So perhaps there are
> solutions I don't know about for these issues:
> 1. Keyboard repeat rate. KDE Control Center lets you enable or disable
> keyboard repeat, but you cannot set the initial delay time or repeat
> rate.
> 2. Locale setting. KDE keeps leaving me with LANG=C. I have selected
> English, USA in KDE Control Center's locale panel, but this seems not to
> have any effect on the environment variables visible in Konsoles.
> 3. Mouse buttons. I have a Microsoft Optical Intellimouse with both a
> wheel and extra side buttons. KDE seems to offer no convenient way to
> initialize this correctly so that the scroll wheel works right.
> 4. There seems to be no KDE-specific per-user init script for
> customization of the environment.
> My current hacked-up fix for this is to give myself a fix for #4 by
> invoking $HOME/.kdestart from /etc/kde3/debian/startkde, just after the
> invocation of ksplash. In $HOME/.kdestart, I call xmodmap to set up the
> mouse buttons, kbdrate to set up the keyboard repeat rate, and invoke my
> $HOME/.bash_profile to initialize my environment. Are there better
> solutions?
> Craig
You can make a file ~/.xsession . X uses this as a startup file.
Here is a snippet from mine:
export LANG=se_NO.UTF-8
keychain $HOME/.ssh/id_dsa
source ~/.keychain/`uname -n`-sh
eval "$(gpg-agent --daemon)"
xsetroot -solid black
setxkbmap sapmi+us_group3
setxkbmap -option ctrl:swapcaps
setxkbmap -option grp:menu_toggle

Hope this helps. At least you won't have to edit files in /usr :-)

Børre Gaup, Kiruna, Sweden

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