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Ktown README: 2.2 --> 3.1

I just upgraded from 2.2 to 3.1 on Woody.  Since the README on ktown
doesn't have specific 2.2.2 --> 3.1 advice, here's what I encountered.

(I haven't really followed any of the 2.2 threads, so apologies if I'm
repeating what's already been said.)

The only problem I ran into was with kdelibs3.  I _think_ that a smooth
upgrade path would be to first purge kdelibs3 then do the apt-get stuff:

  dpkg --purge --force-all kdelibs3
  apt-get update
  apt-get install kdebase kdm

I'm not sure if this would really work, since I tried to do apt-get
install first, then used dselect to remove kdelibs3 and install kdelibs4
at the same time, then did  apt-get install kdebase kdm  again.

(Thanks Ralf!!)

BTW, the README lists kdebindings as one of the KDE packages, but
apt-get can't find it...


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