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Re: Package epochs and broken upgrades

Ben Burton wrote:

> This means that your system will *not* smoothly upgrade to the 3.1
> packages that will be uploaded to sid.  In this case probably the
> easiest solution is to remove all of the affected packages and then
> reinstall them as you normally would in dselect or whatever package
> management tool you use.

I don't expect to be able to upgrade to 3.1 smoothly. I am currently running 
sid +  3.0.4 and plan to purge kde prior to installing 3.1 Only people 
runnining sid + kde 2.2.2 should expect a smooth upgrade, no?

> Perhaps I should just bite the bullet and put a 4: epoch on all of the
> packages that are going into sid.

I think you should only do what is needed to upgrade *official* packages 

Just my 2p.

Simon Hepburn.

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