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Re: many screensavers not working

> 2) Split kscreensaver into kscreensaver and kscreensaver-hooks, where
> kscreensaver contains the KDE-specific savers and their desktop files
> (and recommends kscreensaver-hooks), and kscreensaver-hooks contains the
> desktop files to launch the general X savers (and depends on xscreensaver);

Variation on the theme, create an xscreensaver-kde (like
xscreensaver-gnome), that is the .desktop files.  Or, since
the .desktop files are relatively tiny, just integrate them into the
xscreensaver package.  They don't cause any harm to someone who doesn't
install KDE, do they?

> (FWIW, after about 60 seconds' thought I'm leaning towards (2) since
> it's the one that I dislike the least, but this could change).

There is no perfect solution, is there :-(


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