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Re: many screensavers not working

> Ok, then it's a bug in KDE (or in ralfs packages?) that screensavers
> are shown which are not installed?

What happens at the moment is that kscreensaver installs a few
KDE-specific screensavers, as well as many .desktop files (which show up
in the control centre) that launch both the KDE-specific savers and the
general X screensavers.

Hmm, so the options I can see are:

1) Make kscreensaver depend on (not recommend) xscreensaver;

2) Split kscreensaver into kscreensaver and kscreensaver-hooks, where
kscreensaver contains the KDE-specific savers and their desktop files
(and recommends kscreensaver-hooks), and kscreensaver-hooks contains the
desktop files to launch the general X savers (and depends on xscreensaver);

3) Leave everything as it is, since Recommends: are meant to be
installed in all but highly unusual installations.

The problems associated with these options are:

1) Does not allow smaller installations;

2) More package bloat;

3) Can cause confusion for people less familiar with debian's package
management system.

I'll think a bit more on this, but meanwhile feel free to write in with
your opinions and I'll take them on board.

(FWIW, after about 60 seconds' thought I'm leaning towards (2) since
it's the one that I dislike the least, but this could change).


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