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Strange memory consumption of some kde-apps!

Hello list,

as I forgot this in my last posting: A happy new year to all of you!

Now to my problem: Some kde apps as well as others consume a lot
of physical memory for no reason. This is related to the problem I
posted yesterday about xfs. I now deleted xfs and so the Xserver is
consuming a very big amount of memory. Here is a list of some
programms currently running (size from kap):
X: 	92 MB
knotes:	22 MB
alarmd:	21 MB
kap:	16 MB
klaptopdaemon:	16 MB

I don't know what the normal memory consumption of these programs is
but it seems a bit unusual! (system is apt-get upgraded to woody/sid)

Any ideas where to look for the problem?

Dr. Olaf Stetzer
Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe
Institut für Meterologie und Klimaforschung
Atmosphärische Aerosole (IMK III) - http://imk-aida.fzk.de
Tel.: +49(0)7247-82-3249 (FAX: -4332)

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