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Re: Strange memory consumption of some kde-apps!


On Thursday 03 January 2002 12:08, Olaf Stetzer wrote:
> Now to my problem: Some kde apps as well as others consume a lot
> of physical memory for no reason. This is related to the problem I
> posted yesterday about xfs. I now deleted xfs and so the Xserver is
> consuming a very big amount of memory. Here is a list of some
> programms currently running (size from kap):
> X: 	92 MB
> knotes:	22 MB
> alarmd:	21 MB
> kap:	16 MB
> klaptopdaemon:	16 MB

Where do you have these numbers from? top and friends? I don't know kap...
Don't believe top and friends. They lie at you. See 
The "problem" is shared memory. Shared memory is only allocated once in memory 
but it is shown for every program that uses this memory. So all programs 
together can take 200 MB of memory although you have only 128 MB...

> Olaf


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