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Re: What WYSIWYG HTML creators/editors run on KDE?

On Wednesday 24 October 2001 21:00, tluxt wrote:
> Since i am runnig unstable, (upgraded from Potato, but with no
> upgrade to kernel 2.4), do you think I can just dl, install & run
> the Quanta package, or will I need to recomple for some reason?
> Do you know if there is a deb package for Quanta?  Is it apt-get
> able?

There is a package; I had it installed for a while, but decided I 
preferred amaya. Whether there's a particular package for testing or 
unstable I don't know, but I imagine there is.

Whether something compiled for stable/potato will work on testing or 
unstable, I don't know, but it seems it should.


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