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Re: Strange behaviour in KDE 2.2.1

On Tue, Oct 16, 2001 at 10:34:28PM +0200, P. de Vicente wrote:
>   However I get a strange behaviour in KDE. if I launch an application
>   which takes some time to load (for example kpackage), the window moves
>   suddenly out of the desktop, or the kicker panel hides towards the left
>   or I get context menus from the desktop just when I move the mouse over
>   the screen (not clicking on any button). This unstable behaviour has


	/etc/init.d/gpm stop

If that helps, do

	apt-get remove gpm

unless you need the mouse on the console (in which case you must install
your X mouse driveras 'gpmdata', passed through via gpm).

Both at the same time isn't possible.

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