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Windows get out of bounds

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is there any known way to tell X to make the screen place, where the panels 
are, _not_ available to apps? May exact problem:

I can grab e.g. a konsole and move it with the mouse to the top. and drop it 
there. The problem is that there is also the window panel (as it was in 
KDE1). There is NO WAY to get it moved from that position anymore but to hide 
the window panel and grab it at the few pixels that are still there.
Also when an app resizes itself but not with the maximaized flag set, the top 
get hidden behind the window panel. This is really annoying :-(
This is defnitely a window manager problem.

Also, there is a nasty thing in the configuration dialog of konqueror for a 
few version by now. The preferences dialog open too small at the middle of 
the screen and then get resizes but not repositioned. So most of it is not 
accessible if I o not move it. This is annoying, too, but it seems I am the 
only one having such problems, am I?


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