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Re: packages (stable, unstable, and somewhere in between)

On Tue, 15 May 2001 20:56:34 -0400 (EDT), you wrote:

>i suppose there's probably a better list for this, but seeing as how one of the
>packages i'm trying to effect are "K programs" i'll shoot and see if anyone
>i currently have a "stable" system. for the most part, i'd like to keep it that
>way. however, there are some packages that i feel are negotiable and wouldn't
>mind having the unstable versions of (and their dependancies, if the need
>arizes) like: gimp, kaim, libqt, emacs, and some more.
>i was wondering if there was an easy way to do this?

I have taken the approach to build some stuff (gimp for instance) by
getting the latest tarball, building from source and installing in the
/usr/local directories.  The trouble is, that this often means also
installing other libraries also from source to get the right versions.
For instance with the gimp, I also ended up installing glib and gtk+
this way as well.  Unless you are careful that could screw up debian
packages that require these libraries (in my case they didn't so I
could go ahead with this).

I have had a long unsuccesfull attempt at trying to do this with
kmail.  The problem being the dependence on a later version of the
kdelibs that the "woody" distribution has.  In the end, I built the
whole of kde from the cvs and used ./configure --prefix=/usr in each
package to "overwrite" the debian versions.  Since doing this Ingo
Klocker posted to the kmail mailing list that a better approach would
be to build some of it in /opt/kde-cvs as follows

"You should at least compile and install the following:
- - kdesupport
- - kdelibs
- - kdenetwork/libkdenetwork
- - kdenetwork/kmail

In order to run KMail you could try using the following bash script:

- ------------------------------------------------------------
export PATH=/opt/kde-cvs/bin:$PATH
export KDEDIRS=/opt/kde-cvs:$KDEDIRS
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/kde-cvs/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
export LTDL_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/kde-cvs/lib:$LTDL_LIBRARY_PATH
kdeinit kmail
- ------------------------------------------------------------"

and this was added to by Marc Mutz

"Also consider compiling kdebase (KIO-POP/IMAP) and kdeutils (KAB)"

I haven't got around to trying this yet - I am awaiting kde 2.2 beta 1
which is due out in a few days.



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