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packages (stable, unstable, and somewhere in between)

i suppose there's probably a better list for this, but seeing as how one of the
packages i'm trying to effect are "K programs" i'll shoot and see if anyone

i currently have a "stable" system. for the most part, i'd like to keep it that
way. however, there are some packages that i feel are negotiable and wouldn't
mind having the unstable versions of (and their dependancies, if the need
arizes) like: gimp, kaim, libqt, emacs, and some more.

i was wondering if there was an easy way to do this?

i realize that one could go, download an unstable package, use dpkg to install
it and that might work, but i don't believe that that would upgrade the package
when a new (unstable) version came out.

so, any ideas?	and, if so, i greatly appreciate you biting.

darkhaven (aka - shawn wilson / kg4gxu)

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