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Bug#97499: double click on file in KDE

>Package: xmms
>Version: 1.2.4-helix1
>Severity: normal
>I'm not sure if this is an XMMS bug or KDE, but I think it is XMMS.
>If I double click on an MP3 file in konqueror, XMMS loads (if it isn't
>loaded already), clears the playlist and then loads the file I double
>clicked on into the playlist, as I would expect. However XMMS _wont_ play
>the file: It acts as though the file doesn't exist.
>Clicking on Play makes XMMS try to play and then immediately stop. No time
>information is displayed in the playlist either, it is as though the file
>could not be found.
>If the file is removed from the playlist, and the DRAGGED from the konq window,
>onto XMMS, it DOES start playing.

Hopefully I've sent this to the right place...

This has happened to me before.  Basically, the cause is that KDE is sending 
XMMS a url instead of a filename.

In other words, the file type mp3 is set to call: "xmms %u" instead of "xmms %f" 
 (Edit the filetype properties to fix it.)

IIRC, the 'find legacy applications' function is the cause of this.  (A few 
other filetypes are also linked in the wrong way, but I forget which.)


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