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Re: upgrade woes

>>>>> "Ivan" == Ivan E Moore <rkrusty@tdyc.com> writes:

 >> Thanks for your help. I indeed was able to get back to the old config
 >> by reconfiguring kdm - but only for some time: One or two logins I
 >> have the chosen configuration (only "real" users shown, everybody
 >> gets the shutdown button) but than I again get what seems to be the
 >> new system default (all "users" shown, no shutdown button).
 >> So, how can I make my chosen configuration permanent? (And what's
 >> going on here anyway?)

 Ivan> Not allowng dpkg to overwrite your kdm config file during updates usually helps.

That's what I did. But

- after upgrading I had the same problem
- I reconfigured kdm
- after some time I had kdmrc renamed to kdmrc.backup and a new zero
length kdmrc (with the effect Andreas mentioned).
- after renaming kdmrc.backup to kdmrc it was OK.

OK, I'll observe it...

(To see others having the same problem gives me the hope that my
system isn't hacked :-)

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