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Re: upgrade woes

i had the same problem.
i could get the old config back by executing 'kcontrol' as root 
(->system->login manager) and reconfiguring kdm.

Frank Dekervel

op Tuesday  8 May 2001 17:56 heeft  Andreas Goesele het volgende uit zijn 
botten geslaan:
> Hi,
> last night's upgrade brought some unpleasant surprises:
> - kdm now suddenly shows all users on the system instead of only those
> which are supposed to lock in (who have a password and a home
> directory.)
> - kdm now longer has a shutdown button
> - I had font sizes and types configured as I liked them. Now suddenly
> most fonts are too big while other do not display correctly (it looks
> as if the fonts do not exist in the given font size).
> So what kind of configuration files were changed, and how do I get
> back my original configuration?
> Andreas Gösele
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