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kwrite can't print chars > 127 with iso8859-1 (potato)


Kwrite (kdebase has no problems displaying chars > 127
of iso8859-1.  But when I print it or save as ps and check with gv or khostview
there are spaces instead of umlaute (e.g, ß ä etc).  Does this work for
someone else?  Is it a bug? (bugs.kde.org lists nothing.  I know it
work in KDE 2.2 but I can't hold my breath until 2.2 is released).

Local settings are LANG=en_US.ISO8859-1 and in kdecontrol center
'Language' English US (C) and German (de) with Charset iso8859-1
a2ps, enscript etc have no problem with chars > 127

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