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Konqueror and WebCT

My university uses WebCT to distribute much of the online course material.  
Basically, you login in to the system, and you get access to a bunch of 
material for each of your university units.
It seems to use a system of CGI scripts disguised as directories, like 
Freshmeat.  Konqueror however, can't seem to handle this and can't get past 
the MyWebCT page, the page you get when you first log in. 
I've tested it under IE, Mozilla 0.8.1 and Netscape 4.77 and it works fine.
Unfortunately (or fortunately), the example system on webct.com works fine, 
while the version at my uni does not...
As of Konqueror 2.1.1, this is still a problem.  I'll try and see if there is 
a guest account so that people who want to investigate can log in and have a 

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