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Re: to stop the thread over conffiles...

On Tue, May 08, 2001 at 07:38:02AM +0200, Norbert Nemec wrote:
> Sorry, I disregard that subject line - in agree with that solution except for 
> one detail:
> As a sysad, I do not like to edit anything beneath /usr by hand (exception: 
> /usr/local) up to now, the only reason to ever do such a thing was to workaround 
> bugs until a new debian-package came out. Usually, in backing up a complete 
> system, I regard it to be completely restorable with only the original packages 
> at hand and a backup of everything except /usr. (again, /usr/local is the 
> exception) No idea whether that idea is compliant with the policy, but up to 
> now, it has always worked.
> Therefore, the correct place for the system wide override directory should be 
> /etc/kde/{applnk,mimelnk,servcises,servicetypes} which might well be empty by 
> default. Actually, I believe having both /usr/share/kde/applnk and 
> /usr/share/applnk with different meaning would cause a lot of confusion. IMO, 
> the second option should be dropped and replaced by a /etc/kde/applnk (empty by 
> default)

then edit /etc/kderc and put them where you want. 

Ivan E. Moore II
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