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to stop the thread over conffiles...

Once and forall.  

What we want and don't want

     1:  We need a way for changes a system admin makes to files under
         /usr/share/applnk,mimelnk,services,servicetypes to not be
         overwritten during every upgrade.
     2:  conffiles is not the *right* solution.  We all agree with this.
         Thus the "I will try it again, but the last time..." comment
         on my part and the overly-enthusiatic responses to this thread.
     3:  We don't need to implement another menu hack, script, or anything 
         else.  Why? Because we don't. :)

What is going to happen to take care of this:

     1:  All Debian pacakges will install their .desktop files into
     2:  System Administrators can overwrite these settings by placing
         creating a .desktop file under /usr/share/{applnk,mimelnk,services,
         servicetypes} that contains the changes that they want.  The best
         way to do this is copy the original one and make your changes.
         It needs to be in the same directory structure so:


         should have an override file of:


     3:  KDE will read /usr/share/kde/{applnk,mimelnk,services,servicetypes}
         first and then /usr/share/{applnk,mimelnk,services,servicetypes}.
     4:  Debian menu bits will be worked into the KDE menu like they 
         currently are.

With this we)
     1:  Don't complicate things worse then they already are
     2:  Still follow policy
     3:  Use existing abilities
     4:  Still have backwards compatability.  All packages that still drop
         their files under /usr/share/applnk will still work.


Ivan E. Moore II
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