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Re: packaging updates/changes/customization for woody's release

On Monday 07 May 2001 20:36, Jens Benecke wrote:
> On Mon, May 07, 2001 at 09:41:24AM -0600, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> > > > I'd like all of you who have done some sort of customization of your
> > > > KDE installations to look over it and figure out what bits would be
> > > > good for Debian.  What parts would enhance the KDE default
> > > My vote goes on configuring /usr/share/applnk as config files, so that
> > > they don't get clobbered by an upgrade. (i.e. moving them to
> > > /etc/kde2/applnk or something)
> Here, I meant mimelnk of course. applnk is created by the menu tools, isn't
> it?
> > then you have to deal with left over files (*.dpkg-old, etc...) which if
> > not removed will cause duplication in menus and KDE doesn't like
> > duplication.  I'll attempt this one more time.  The last time I tried
> > this it caused alot of problems unrelated to the Debian conffile bits.
> Hm... the last time I asked about this in KDE they promised in the 2.x
> versions there would be a way of merging more than two "lnk" (applnk,
> mimelnk, etc) directories into one common menu / association structure.
> That way you were supposed to get global pre-installed /usr/share/applnk,
> global customized /etc/kde2/applnk (put an empty file there to hide the
> global pre-installed entry with the same name), and your own
> $KDEHOME/share/applnk and all would merge together. 
> Did anything happen there? That would be the ideal solution ...

KDE 2 introduced the env variable KDEDIRS that list dirs like PATH.
(details are in kstddir.h)
Not sure if this help because debian has no common root like /opt/kde2


> > > The other solution would be to provide default applnk files in
> > > /etc/skel, but I think that is a kludge. For now I have symlinked
> > > /usr/share/applnk to /etc/kde2/applnk but that's a kludge IMHO, and I
> > > don't know if it breaks the next update.
> > just moving the files into /etc doesn't make them conffiles.
> I know ;) but I have /usr mounted read-only and that was the only way to be
> able to change the stuff without having to remount all the time.
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