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Re: packaging updates/changes/customization for woody's release

> > I'd like all of you who have done some sort of customization of your KDE
> > installations to look over it and figure out what bits would be good for
> > Debian.  What parts would enhance the KDE default installation.  What
> My vote goes on configuring /usr/share/applnk as config files, so that they
> don't get clobbered by an upgrade. (i.e. moving them to /etc/kde2/applnk or
> something)

then you have to deal with left over files (*.dpkg-old, etc...) which if
not removed will cause duplication in menus and KDE doesn't like duplication.
I'll attempt this one more time.  The last time I tried this it caused alot
of problems unrelated to the Debian conffile bits.

> I like to configure file extensions and associations globally, so each new
> user can start XMMS with *.ogg, mplayer/aviplay for *.avi (not the KDE
> player), mswordview for *.doc, gvim for *.tex, and so on. 
> The other solution would be to provide default applnk files in /etc/skel,
> but I think that is a kludge. For now I have symlinked /usr/share/applnk to
> /etc/kde2/applnk but that's a kludge IMHO, and I don't know if it breaks
> the next update.

just moving the files into /etc doesn't make them conffiles.


Ivan E. Moore II
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