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Re: Building from source.

> I have been pussy footing around for a while now thinking about the
> best way to do some development on the kmail source code.
> Unfortunately, it really needs access to a recent version of kdelibs.
> Since I use my current setup continously for reading mail and surfing
> the web I wanted to make sure that what I do does not break these
> abilities and so I have not got very far.
> I have downloaded KDE from CVS (using cvsup) and have managed at long
> last to get a complete distribution that compiles and installs into
> the default /usr/local/kde/{bin,include,lib,man,share} directories

Why don't you try your experimental stuff in a chroot environment? you can
use debootstrap for the task of creating chroot, or unpack the old
base2_2.tgz by hand!

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