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Building from source.

I am running a debian woody system with the .debs for kde that are now
in the standard distribution (v 2.1.1).  With this, kde has been
configured to put the stuff according the the FHS.

I have been pussy footing around for a while now thinking about the
best way to do some development on the kmail source code.
Unfortunately, it really needs access to a recent version of kdelibs.
Since I use my current setup continously for reading mail and surfing
the web I wanted to make sure that what I do does not break these
abilities and so I have not got very far.

I have downloaded KDE from CVS (using cvsup) and have managed at long
last to get a complete distribution that compiles and installs into
the default /usr/local/kde/{bin,include,lib,man,share} directories

However, I am not sure how to get that running properly and to be
absolutely sure that I get the correct versions of the libraries
loaded etc.  

I did try to remove all the kde stuff from the formal installation but
this left me with kdm sending out error messages about missing files
when it started and leaving me in a single xterm.  This means (I
guess) that I would have to go and work out a load of startup scripts
to get me up an running.

SO - one possible approach that I think is worth me considering is to
leave all the kde .debs installed and then to build the kde from
source AND USE ./configure --prefix  to get it to install the stuff in
the correct directories.  It would (presumably) overwrite all the
older libraries and binaries with the new versions.  Scripts and
parameter files from the debian installation would remain and I could
therefore run without too much hassle the latest versions.

BEFORE I COMMIT TO DOING THIS.  I just want to ask.

1) Does this seem a viable approach?

2) What do I do about the qt-copy libraries.  Looking at my current
installation there is a libqt.so AND a libqutils.so  library in the
/usr/lib directory of the debian system which seem to map
/usr/src/kde/qt-copy/lib , so could I just copy them over.  But do I
need to?

3) I was thinking of running ./configure --prefix=/usr in each of the
kde source directories to get the right directory for the 'make
install' part of the build process.  Is this correct?

4) Do I need to set KTDIR to anything?





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