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Ugly fonts in kmail

I have tried setting the UTF-8 font in kmail but this does not work.  kmail 
translates "utf-8" to "iso10646-1" when I type it into the "encoding" box and 
it uses the "console" font with that encoding no matter what I select from 
the font list.  The drop-down list of encodings shows "default" and 
"iso-8859-1" only, so I have to type in other encodings by hand.  Do I have 
to add the encodings elsewhere?  Do I need one of the i18n packages?  I don't 
want KDE to start displaying menus and dialogs in a foreign language.  I'm 
using xfs and xfstt, is this part of the problem?  My truetype fonts are on 
my W*****s hard disk, which I have mounted read-only.

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