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Re: Man Pages

I've been volunteered to be the debian man pages writer/coordinator, though 
as far as I know, I'm the only one doing it :-)  I'll send you a quick 
followup email with the man pages I've written so far attached (I don't want 
to clutter the list), but you should be warned that I have made them 
*somewhat* debian specific.  This is also really my first attempt at writing 
documentation, so I know I've probably got a few things wrong.  I'd be more 
than happy to help out with your project, though.  


On Friday 04 May 2001 01:00, Lauri Watts wrote:
> Hi,
> We recently gained some volunteers to write man pages for the
> console/daemon KDE apps, and so we've been doing some experimentation with
> DocBook to set this up.
> We are specifically not wanting to use *roff as a source format, because
> we've gone to some lengths to automate and simplify the translation
> process, and DocBook is an excellent source format for this type of
> documentation - the manual pages will of course be converted to *roff,
> probably during compile time.
> I've just been informed however, that the Debian KDE packages have already
> been creating manual pages.  A cursory search through our CVS finds me a
> handful of these, three in the kdebase module to be precise.
> It's entirely possible I'm being blind and not seeing them - or it's
> possible they aren't in our CVS tree.  In any case, I have some questions:
> 1:  Where do I find them, and how can I get them (bearing in mind I don't
> actually use Debian, or even Linux in fact).  FTP or anonCVS access is
> fine, or even webcvs, I just don't really know where to start looking.
> 2: To avoid duplication of effort, is there any objection to us (KDE)
> taking the already written man pages and converting them to DocBook, and
> then moving them into the doc directory of each module?  All existing
> credits and copyrights will of course be left intact.
> Having them in the main CVS <module>/doc/ hierarchies will mean they are
> translated into most major languages and quite some minor ones as soon as
> they are committed, which you must agree is a good thing.
> 3: If this is the case, that there are Debian written manual pages outside
> of KDE CVS, and if in fact you would like to carry on writing them, perhaps
> we can discuss a priority list, or some division (or at least, which end of
> the long list we should each start at,) to save our new volunteers and your
> writers covering the same applications.  As I mentioned, we were planning
> to concentrate efforts on the console apps and daemons first, as they
> currently have no documentation at all.
> I'm not subscribed to your list - I did bookmark the archive page at
> http://lists.kde.org, but it will probably be quicker to CC me with any
> replies.
> Regards,

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