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Re: Man pages (kdesdk, koffice)

On Friday 04 May 2001 10:27, Ben Burton wrote:

> I have a set of man pages written for all the apps in kdesdk and koffice. 
> In particular this includes every command-line utility in kdesdk (of which
> there are many).  You can find them all in the CVS under kdesdk/debian/*.1
> (and koffice/debian/*.1).

I had only checked the major KDE modules, didn't think to look in kdesdk or 
koffice.  Thanks for the pointers, that gives us a place to start.

> Aspects of the man pages that are debian-specific:  Some of them refer the
> reader to author's notes, html docs and the like in debian-specific paths
> (eg. /usr/share/doc/kword/html).  The man pages for qtdoc and kdedoc (from
> kdesdk) are very debian-specific since I patched the scripts to look for
> the corresponding Qt/KDE docs in the debian-installed locations; both of
> these man pages also have a DEBIAN USERS section detailing how to get the
> Qt/KDE docs.

I don't know how the Debian system works.  Is it possible to create a patch 
that can be applied to the original man pages when the Debian packages are 

> I can't speak for anyone else's man pages, but feel free to take all of
> those from kdesdk and koffice and put them in <module>/doc in whatever
> format you like.  My only desire is that they can be converted back into
> *roff format since Debian requires a man page for executable.

Oh for sure.. man index.docbook doesn't work so well!  This is the mechanism 
we're figuring out now, but it's a given that docbook is a source format, not 
an end result.

> Btw, I'm also happy to keep maintaining the English versions of these docs
> if people would like it (and I'm happy not to if people would prefer that
> also

I would be extremely happy for you to continue maintaining these, and as soon 
as they're converted and in place, I'll let you know.  That could take a 
little while, so don't hold your breath just now. 

Thanks for the information,

Lauri Watts
KDE Documentation Team

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