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Re: windowmangaer selection & sound problem

On Wednesday 02 May 2001 14:05, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> this is on my TODO next.  Currently there is no automatic way for
> kdm to know about wm's unless someone tells it about them.  So by
> default it only lists kde2, default, and failsafe.  default will
> always be the "Debian" default... ie x-window-manager or whatever
> you have setup.  To add more wm's you have to either edit
> /etc/kde2/kdmrc yourself and add them or use the kdm configuration
> tool in the Control Center.
> I need to come up with a "proper" solution for this...and I've been
> putting it off for quite some time.  Maybe I need to get the kdm
> maintainer to help with this...  Idealy there needs to be a proper
> way for kdm to know about other wm's.... gdm does this by using
> /etc/gdm/Sessions/* ...a wm would drop it's session file in there
> and gdm would automatically pick it up...

Stupid suggestion: why not just include, say, the top 5 or so wm's? 
Let's say the following: KDE, gnome-session, icewm, WindowMaker, 
blackbox. Install script could create prettier symlinks like 
"KDesktop, Gnome, IceWM, BlackBox". At the most, user would get 
frustrated that nothing happens when he picks a certain uninstalled 
wm. This, of course, won't work if the wm changes the name of its 
startup executable/script from release to release.

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