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Re: windowmangaer selection & sound problem

> I am running debian-sparc-testing and have window maker installed as well
> as kde.
> Prior to installing KDE I had WM running quite nicely with the sound
> working via esd, the enlightenment sound deamon.  After installing
> KDE-potato I can't seem to get at WM anymore and the sound no longer works.
>  The kdm login screen just lists KDE, default, and failsafe as my session
> options.
> If I try to start esd from a shell via su, I get:
> /dev/dsp: Device or resource busy 
> Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get WM back without uninstalling
> KDE?  And how about the sound, any takers?

this is on my TODO next.  Currently there is no automatic way for kdm to know
about wm's unless someone tells it about them.  So by default it only lists
kde2, default, and failsafe.  default will always be the "Debian" default...
ie x-window-manager or whatever you have setup.  To add more wm's you have
to either edit /etc/kde2/kdmrc yourself and add them or use the kdm 
configuration tool in the Control Center.

I need to come up with a "proper" solution for this...and I've been putting it
off for quite some time.  Maybe I need to get the kdm maintainer to help with
this...  Idealy there needs to be a proper way for kdm to know about other 
wm's.... gdm does this by using /etc/gdm/Sessions/* ...a wm would drop it's
session file in there and gdm would automatically pick it up...  



Ivan E. Moore II
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