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old version of scala


I am a scala developer, of sorts, and want to help ease the installation of the development environment for scala developers in debina/ubuntu.

I noticed that the scala package only contains scala 2.11, and the jdk is on version 8 and 11(?!). So I was wondering if I could start by helping upgrade the scala package to version 2.12.8.

I am just getting into reading about package maintaining, but any thoughts on how I can help? Should I create a bug report for updating to 2.12?



NB1: Scala 2.11 is built for java 6, and has only rudimentary support for java 8. So it runs into problems in certain situations. The current scala package has dependency on java 11, as I understand it.

NB2: Scala 2.12 is built against java 8, so it does not support java 9/10 or 11 properly yet. We have to wait for scala 2.13 for proper support, but it will be built and tested against java 11 only. Although, it might work fine for java 10, but thats up to users/volunteers to test and fix.

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