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Re: building android-studio


Am 01.03.2016 um 19:07 schrieb toogley:
> Hello.
> Context of my question:
> ======================
> i want to package android studio. In the android studio package request
> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=747614 is intellij
> idea marked as blocking bug.
> I consider
> a) android-studio and intellij idea as quite independent, i.e. i think
> we don't need to package intellij idea first (but i'm at still unsure
> about it) and

Probably you don't have to package the whole IntelliJ IDE. Most recently
I have packaged intellij-annotations because I needed it as a
build-dependency for android-platform-tools-base. Especially for large
and complex projects like IntelliJ (last time I checked I noticed that
the source release bundles ~500 jars), it is often simpler to package
certain parts from maven central instead of trying to build everything.

> b) android-studio as more important, because for developing java are
> alternative IDE's available , but for developing android mostly none.
> But that's just an personal estimation.

Packaging android-studio for Debian would certainly be a nice addition.
Netbeans or an up-to-date Eclipse IDE should be able to accomplish most
of the tasks too as soon as all other Android components are packaged
for Debian though.

> actual question
> ===============
> 1) removing teamcity build dependency
> jetbrains is building their idea with teamcity, their commercial
> continuous integration service. Because the build script from
> android-studio hasn't changed, i guess they do the same. Although
> jetbrains is allowing open source projects to use teamcity freely, the
> license is still non-free - which makes it unsuitable for debian.
> Therefore i want to remove it, but I don't know how i can systematically
> remove it. I'm not sure if its the "best" way to just try to remove all
> teamscript related scripts/tests.

I suggest to refrain from packaging the complete IntelliJ IDE for now,
except you are really dedicated to this task and want to maintain this
package for the foreseeable future. I would go for packaging single
maven artifacts instead.



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