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Re: building android-studio

We welcome more contributors!  I'd love to see Android Studio in Debian.  I agree with Markus and Kai-Chung that the best approach is to start by packaging dependencies.  The first step is getting the Android SDK in Debian so that apps can be built only from packages in Debian.  We're getting close there. Android Studio uses gradle and the Android SDK, so working in this way directly contributes to your goal of packaging Android Studio, and gives us a working step along the way.

You can definitely start working out of github.com forks of alioth git repos.  To get commit access, you need to create an account on alioth and request to join the android-tools team.



On Mar 4, 2016, at 8:42 AM, toogley@mailbox.org wrote:

> Btw: I'd like to publish my commits on github, where you could pull into the
> alioth git repo. I don't think, I'd make a huge mess with the alioth git repo,
> but at least i don't think this is a bad idea (and i feel a bit safer that way).

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