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Re: building android-studio


> Probably you don't have to package the whole IntelliJ IDE. Most recently
> I have packaged intellij-annotations because I needed it as a
> build-dependency for android-platform-tools-base. Especially for large
> and complex projects like IntelliJ (last time I checked I noticed that
> the source release bundles ~500 jars), it is often simpler to package
> certain parts from maven central instead of trying to build everything.

Yeah, this sound reasonable. But how do i find out in what packages i should
split intellij? E.g. just by folders like RegExpSupport
and write my own gant/ant build scripts for that? How would i import new
versions then? I mean, should i just continue with the normal debian/ upstream/
branch split and pull all changes in that particular folder (e.g. with


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