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Re: debian java BoF - 2014/08/25

On Fri, Aug 29, 2014 at 10:09:05AM +0200, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> I think we have too many dependencies on tomcat6 to remove it completely
> for Jessie. But we can at least change the tomcat6 source package to
> build only:
> - libservlet2.5-java: this package is the most commonly used as a build
> dependency (about ~70 rdeps). It contains only interfaces, so there is
> no security risk to keep it around.
> - libtomcat6-java: I believe this one is mostly used to run unit tests
> and could be kept for building packages only.

I agree with this. It's probably too late to get rid of tomcat6
altogether at this point but we can keep providing libservlet2.5-java
and fix this properly after jessie.

Regarding dependencies on libtomcat{6,7}-java, tomcat{6,7}, etc; since
there are not that many as libservlet2.5-java ones I think we can
migrate them on time and that's why I begin to file bugs as first

> tomcat7 will be maintained for the lifetime of Jessie and is still
> widely used, I think we should keep it for Jessie and consider its
> removal for Jessie+1.

I don't agree and I'd prefer if we can maintain only one tomcat for
the next stable release.

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