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Re: debian java BoF - 2014/08/25

Le 28/08/2014 00:24, tony mancill a écrit :

> Tomcat version for jessie:
> In a subsequent conversation, Miguel and I discussed targeting tomcat8
> for jessie and removing tomcat6 and tomcat7 binary packages from the
> archive.  If there are objections to this plan, please speak up.
> tomcat8 will probably end up with a couple extra binary/transitional
> packages, and thus will have go through NEW again.

I think we have too many dependencies on tomcat6 to remove it completely
for Jessie. But we can at least change the tomcat6 source package to
build only:
- libservlet2.5-java: this package is the most commonly used as a build
dependency (about ~70 rdeps). It contains only interfaces, so there is
no security risk to keep it around.
- libtomcat6-java: I believe this one is mostly used to run unit tests
and could be kept for building packages only.

tomcat7 will be maintained for the lifetime of Jessie and is still
widely used, I think we should keep it for Jessie and consider its
removal for Jessie+1.

Emmanuel Bourg

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