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Re: debian java BoF - 2014/08/25

Le 29/08/2014 16:41, tony mancill a écrit :

> We were discussing yesterday whether libservlet 3.0 was backwards
> compatible with 2.5, or whether tomcat8 could provide a 2.5 interface
> package.  I take you don't think this is the right course of action.

The Servlet API 3.0 isn't fully compatible, new methods have been added
to the interfaces. This can cause compilation errors in packages
implementing these interfaces (either in servlet engines like jetty or
in mock implementations used in unit tests).

Removing tomcat6 completely is certainly a good thing to do, but I think
we lack the manpower to do it in time for Jessie.

> The intent here is to prevent having to support multiple versions of
> tomcat for security updates over the lifetime of jessie.  I believe you
> had previously stated that tomcat8 was ready/stable from an upstream
> standpoint, and so I thought that it was the best candidate for a single
> tomcat version for the release.  I can see the argument for having both
> if they serve different purposes, or if tomcat8 isn't a replacement for
> tomcat7.

tomcat8 is stable, but I suspect not everyone is ready or willing to
switch now. Looking at the popcon numbers [1] tomcat6 is still more
popular than tomcat7 (and even more in Ubuntu where tomcat6 has 9 times
more installs than tomcat7). I guess these people would appreciate
having the choice of upgrading to tomcat7 instead of being forced to
jump to the bleeding edge tomcat8.

Emmanuel Bourg


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