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Re: RFC/RFS: fetchexc (Fetches email from Microsoft Exchange servers)

Ted Percival wrote:
> I have packaged a program called FetchExc. It is used for retrieving
> email from Microsoft Exchange servers and forwarding them to an SMTP
> server or mbox store.

Paul Cager wrote:
If the package can go in main/contrib, would you be interested in
co-maintenance (http://java.debian.net/developers.html)?

I've committed the package to pkg-java under the name "fetchexc" and made it public by setting its Maintainer field to pkg-java-maintainers. Feel free to add yourself to Uploaders, make changes, etc.

I think it is ready for upload but will have to wait for ecj-gcj 3.3.0* to pass NEW (see bug #439670) before it can be built in sid.


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