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Re: RFC/RFS: fetchexc (Fetches email from Microsoft Exchange servers)

Ted Percival wrote:
Thank you for your comments, I'll act on them all in a day or two when I
have the opportunity.

It took three days, but the changes have been made.
An updated package has been uploaded to mentors. I cheated and kept the same version number. If you want to see the change history, see changesets 18 to 22 at http://hg.midg3t.net/fetchexc-debian

The latest package is available from

Paul Cager wrote:
If the package can go in main/contrib, would you be interested in
co-maintenance (http://java.debian.net/developers.html)?

I'd be happy to co-maintain. I have applied to join the pkg-java-maintainers project on alioth using the web form. If you want to get a head-start by importing the current sources that's fine with me.

My alioth username is tedp-guest.


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