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Re: maven2 for Debian

Marcus Better wrote:
> A Debian user (building stuff for
> their own use) would expect Maven to work the same as it does elsewhere.
> How about this mini-plan for packaging Maven:
> Step 1. Package Maven for "use case 1" only, i.e., targetted for regular
> users, with functionality identical to upstream (as much as possible).

Yes, I fully agree.

> Step 2. Implement any changes and extensions needed for building Debian
> packages with it.

Now I am going to commit heresy - I'm not convinced we need to support
using Maven to build Debian packages.

Outside of the Debian build system using Maven has many benefits -
automatic downloading of dependencies, uniform build system etc. But
when building Debian packages I think most of these benefits turn into
obstacles that we must overcome. This is not a criticism of Maven (I
think it is a very useful tool); I just don't think it is profitable to
try to fit it into the Debian build system.

For packages that are built by Maven it would take no more than a few
minutes to write a debian/build.xml for the Debian build system. (c.f.

Going slightly off-topic, maybe we could enhance dh_make (et. al.) to
detect *.pom and build.xml files and use the information within them to
generate the dependency information within the debian/control file etc.


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