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Re: RFH: how to really assemble java packages

Laszlo 'GCS' Boszormenyi wrote:

Parlez-vous Hongroise?

Csok kicsit!

No it doesn't, and it cannot for licensing reasons.

 I tought there is some kind of wrapper, which downloads SUN's J2SDK and
installs it for the user; so Debian does not violates the license, still
can support the users. I stand corrected.

The closest to that is 'java-package'. BTW, is there any reason not to create a package that does what Laszlo thought?

What free tools did you try that did not work? Did you report bugs?

 I have tried kaffe and libgnumail-java, both missing classes. I
definiately should try sablevm as well (any other options for a free JVM
alternative?). Well, the reason I have not tried sablevm is that my
package will depend on tomcat4, and that depends on kaffe but not on
sablevm. For kaffe I 'reported the bug', and got the reply that the
particular class I am asking for would be easy to implement -- patches
are welcome. :-| About libgnumail-jar: no, I haven't filed any bugs.
Should I? I am new to free java tools, I don't know if they constantly
working on it, or fixing bugs mostly.

Free java runtimes these days _mostly_ use the same 'classpath' library and other extensions, so it's likely that if the class is missing, try a different runtime will not help.

I think it always helps to contact upstream about the missing class, that can help them set the priorities to things people need now.

And if the class is really easy to implement, why don't you just in and try?

Then if there is no debian package (even outside Debian) providing an implementation of javamail that works for your package, I don't think you can write a proper Build-Depends.

 I do not know if there is a javamail package _outside_ Debian which
would work. But I think all official packages in Debian should be
compilable with official packages. External dependencies do not sound
good. Otherwise I can make a package from javamail, but license
restrictions won't let me distribute it, so I am stuck again. Also,
without proper Build-Depends the package is useless, the first thing I
will get are release candidate FTBFS bugs.

I don't think this is true for packages in contrib.

How many classes does libgnumail-java miss? It might be quite easy to at least include stub classes that would allow your app to be compiled with free tools.

 Well, compile would be ok, but how someone would run it? But to answer
your question, I think at least 20 classes are missing, mostly
com.sun.mail.iap.* .

Is there any chance to have a non-Sun implementation of com.sun.*? Anyway, this is really something you should discuss directly with the classpathx people.


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