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Re: RFH: how to really assemble java packages

Bonjour Daniel,

* Daniel Bonniot <Daniel.Bonniot@inria.fr> [2004-09-04 19:48:31 +0200]:

> Szia Laszlo!
Parlez-vous Hongroise?

> No it doesn't, and it cannot for licensing reasons.
 I tought there is some kind of wrapper, which downloads SUN's J2SDK and
installs it for the user; so Debian does not violates the license, still
can support the users. I stand corrected.

> You can still depend on j2sdk1.4 since that package is provided by sources 
> outside of Debian. You should add '| sun-j2sdk1.4', which is the package 
> automatically generated by j2se-package. (should we have this kind of 
> instructions in the policy?)
 Every bit would help I guess. The Java Policy is way too short.

> What free tools did you try that did not work? Did you report bugs?
 I have tried kaffe and libgnumail-java, both missing classes. I
definiately should try sablevm as well (any other options for a free JVM
alternative?). Well, the reason I have not tried sablevm is that my
package will depend on tomcat4, and that depends on kaffe but not on
sablevm. For kaffe I 'reported the bug', and got the reply that the
particular class I am asking for would be easy to implement -- patches
are welcome. :-| About libgnumail-jar: no, I haven't filed any bugs.
Should I? I am new to free java tools, I don't know if they constantly
working on it, or fixing bugs mostly.

> Then if there is no debian package (even outside Debian) providing an 
> implementation of javamail that works for your package, I don't think you 
> can write a proper Build-Depends.
 I do not know if there is a javamail package _outside_ Debian which
would work. But I think all official packages in Debian should be
compilable with official packages. External dependencies do not sound
good. Otherwise I can make a package from javamail, but license
restrictions won't let me distribute it, so I am stuck again. Also,
without proper Build-Depends the package is useless, the first thing I
will get are release candidate FTBFS bugs.

> How many classes does libgnumail-java miss? It might be quite easy to at 
> least include stub classes that would allow your app to be compiled with 
> free tools.
 Well, compile would be ok, but how someone would run it? But to answer
your question, I think at least 20 classes are missing, mostly
com.sun.mail.iap.* .


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