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Re: RFH: how to really assemble java packages

* Daniel Bonniot <Daniel.Bonniot@inria.fr> [2004-09-14 13:35:03 +0200]:

> I think it always helps to contact upstream about the missing class, that 
> can help them set the priorities to things people need now.
 Already contacted behind the scenes.

> And if the class is really easy to implement, why don't you just in and try?
 Well, I have contributed a bit already, a small patch from me was
committed. Otherwise I am a bit overhelmed already, two working places,
studying for my secondary degree, and sent to an other course I feel
dizzy sometimes. :( But I do plan to further improve free Java
alternatives. Especially one.

> >Also,
> >without proper Build-Depends the package is useless, the first thing I
> >will get are release candidate FTBFS bugs.
> I don't think this is true for packages in contrib.
 I think you are right, it's only strange for me.

> Is there any chance to have a non-Sun implementation of com.sun.*?
 Well, as discussed I have asked upstream (who uses com.sun.mail.*) to
change their code. If they don't do it, I think I will be forced to do
that on my own.


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