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Re: java-gnome vs. SWT

Hey guys,
I am using java-gnome for now. Their site had a nice tutorial on it and I
Also figured since java-gnoem is GPL'ed it might be better to test my
designing skills with it first. Once I gain some sort of familiarity with it,
I will also try to write something with SWT.
I was also wondering if SWT has glade bindings like java-gnome does??
On 18/09/04 17:29 +0200, Jan Schulz wrote:
> Hallo Mark,
> * Mark Wielaard wrote:
> >Since SWT is distributed under the CPL, Common Public License, which is
> >not GPL compatible, you won't be able to distribute a larger work based
> >on it under the GPL. 
> What is with GPL+linking exception? Azaurus (sp?) is also GPL and
> absed on swt and tehre is already a ITP for it.
> >I haven't tried java-gnome on Wine or cygwin. Best to ask on one of the
> >java-gnome mailinglists about that:
> Thats where swt comes in handy: it runs under win and OSX too. 
> Jan
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Rishabh Manocha
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