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Re: java-gnome vs. SWT

> Hey guys,
> I am using java-gnome for now. Their site had a nice tutorial on it and I
> Also figured since java-gnoem is GPL'ed it might be better to test my
> designing skills with it first. Once I gain some sort of familiarity with it,
> I will also try to write something with SWT.
> I was also wondering if SWT has glade bindings like java-gnome does??
> Thanks.

No. Glade is a purely GTK function. Glade represents a GTK widget tree as
an XML file, such a thing can't possibly generate a SWT widget tree.

I've been working with Java-Gnome a lot lately, in fact I just switched my
main development to it, from SWT.

SWT is nice... it's cross platform... but at the same time, Java-Gnome can
be made to work on Windows and OS X...

The combination of Glade and Eclipse really is a perfect RAD environment.

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