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java-gnome vs. SWT (I know this has been asked before..but need some clarification)

Hey Guys,
I have just joined this list and one of my first qustions for you guys is
when developing a GUI application with java, is it better(keeping
portability in mind) to use the java-gnome packages or the SWT packages?
I know this has been asked before but this exact questions was not answered(I
went through the archives).
I am writing a small java application(http://jfortune.sf.net). I wanted to
learn some GUI programming. I came across java-gnome and SWT. I wanna ask you
guys which one of these do u think is better. I want to have the app run on
both windows and linux. It will be pretty small but i still wanna learn how
to make GUI's under linux.

Rishabh Manocha
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