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Re: java-gnome vs. SWT (I know this has been asked before..but need some clarification)


On Thu, 2004-09-16 at 22:09, Rishabh Manocha wrote:
> when developing a GUI application with java, is it better(keeping
> portability in mind) to use the java-gnome packages or the SWT packages?
> I know this has been asked before but this exact questions was not answered(I
> went through the archives).
> I am writing a small java application(http://jfortune.sf.net). I wanted to
> learn some GUI programming. I came across java-gnome and SWT. I wanna ask you
> guys which one of these do u think is better. I want to have the app run on
> both windows and linux. It will be pretty small but i still wanna learn how
> to make GUI's under linux.

Since SWT is distributed under the CPL, Common Public License, which is
not GPL compatible, you won't be able to distribute a larger work based
on it under the GPL. Since jfortune is distributed under the GPL swt
seems to not be an option. java-gnome can be used to mix and match with
normal GPLed code. And from my experience with the API it works very
nicely and it is packaged for Debian as libgtk2-java and libgnome2-java.

I haven't tried java-gnome on Wine or cygwin. Best to ask on one of the
java-gnome mailinglists about that:



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