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Orphaning eclipse packages (asking here first)


Real life got me and right now I'm not able to do a proper packaging
of eclipse3. I'm also not that much interested in the moment in java
packages as I'm not anymore working as a java programmer.

There are few tasks still to be done to get the eclipse3 packages out,
especially polishing it up, so it fits into debian and doesn't look
like a alien app.

The eclipse package is quite complex, especially the build system, as
upstream doesn't build everything from source and has some funny
asumtion about available JDKs and modifies the build tree without
undoing it in the clean target. Mainataining it when its ready will
not be a big problem, IMO it is quite nicely layouted and should not
have any big problems afterwards.

I'm uploading my current work (the debian things only, the upstream
zip is about 55MB) to www.katzien.de/debian/eclipse3/. Just drop the
upstream part into the main dir and cdbs should pick it up via
DEB_TARBALL in debian/rules. 

The upstream zip has to be sanitzised before upload (debian packaged
jars, win32 and other arch things and precompiled *.so files deleted)
and repacked as tar.bz to drop about 15MB of diskspace...

State of the packages:  working as in 'it starts up'. For the rest see
the changelog file below.

eclipse3.0 (3.0-0.1) experimental; urgency=low

  * TODO
  * enable the motif packages again. Problem is, that only one swt
    flavor is build during normal build and I'm not sure if it's ok if
    we only call the swt.motif/build.xml. Anyway, we only need the
    source files and the plugin files (=everything without the compiled
    jars, which are in a independend swt packages), as swt motif is
    packaged in a independ source package now.
  * Split up xlibs Build-Depends:
  * u-a Things for eclipse-{motif,gtk} have to be setup, the same way
    it was done in the 2.1 libswt packages.
  * postinst scripts need to be reenabled (init of eclipse) to get rid
    of the "init eclipse" splash screen on startup)
  * Readme Files for eclipse users (NEWS.Debian: whats different in
    the new starter) and plugin packager (how to use the packages to
    build new ones)
  * Replace all java libs with the ones in debian
    . ant
    . lucene
    . tomcat and friends
    . junit
    . OSGI: Package first.
    . swt (halfway done, needs testing)
  * testing what is Build-Depends and what not. Testing free
    replacements (jikes does *not* work)
  * writing a startup script for eclipse3 and jdtc, as the ones from
    2.1 are outdated and most of the features of the script are in 
    proper eclipse now (choosing workspaces)
  * enable the debian patches again, if they make sense with the new
    eclipse features (addsite can be droped, all bugfixes too, but the
    sensible-browser things need to be done again)
  * clean up the debian dir so no old cruft from the 2.1 release is
    kept. debian/addons needs to be cleaned as well.
  * change to 3.0.1 (only bugfixes, so shouldn't be a problem)
  * delete all not needed parts in the upstream source (win32, *.so,
    debian pacages jars)
  * upstream changelogs needs to be included
  * look if we missed some lizenses in swt and osgi)
  * DONE:    
  * New Upstream version (closes: #260510)
     * closes: #255097: eclipse-platform: missing shortcut bar.
     * closes: #212765: [fixed in 3.0] CodeFormatter: remove whitespace at
                        the end of line
     * closes: #204569: [fixed in 3.0] Import|Filesystem: inputfield broken
                        on gtk
     * closes: #219475: [fixed in 3.0] ant integration leaks memory
     * closes: #226160: [fixed in 3.0] Refactoring and quickfix fail
                        when assert is used
  * After a proper build it should depend on the right motif package
    closes 255745: libswt2.1-motif-jni: depends on libmotif which
                   no longer exists in unstable

  * Upload to experimental to squash bugs...

  * Switched Build System to cdbs. Unfortunatlly te build system of
    eclipse is so borked (there is a point, where it replaces timestamps
    in the plugin.xml and this isn't undone in the clean target and
    some more, resulting a huge diff.gz parts), that I could't switch 
    away from the repackaged upstrem zip file.

  * New package layout to cut cleanly beween different window-systems:
    . New packages: eclipse3.0-gtk and eclipse3.0-motif, which include
      the plugin parts of swt. jars and jni are included via Dependency.
      Makes it possible to split out ths swt jars into a packages,
      which can go into debian main.
    . Added eclipse3.0-rcp: The eclipse 3.0 richt client platform,
      which is the plugin system without any IDE related parts. You
      can use this to build your own applications.

  * Updated control:
    . control is autogenerated from debian/input/control.in: Now I can do
      some changes automatically and I finaly have a nice looking
      Build-Depends list...
    . Same for the links file, so I can do a S&R with verison numbers
      in the strings.
    . Droped eclipse-nls package, as it is too outdated. Wait for a new
      version to be released.
    . Bump all version numbers: s/2.1/3.0/g and append version numbers
      to the package names, so that they can be installed next to the
      2.1 ones. This is also nessesary for the Rich Client Platform
      and other packages, which might follow.
    . drop a few replaces and conflicts, which shouldn't be nessesary
      anymore as the files have different names.
    . drop backport build dependencies. Sarge is about to be released and
      it is too hard to figure out the dependencies. Send a patch, if you
      want that added again.
    . droped java 1.3 in the eclipse packages: it's not supported anymore.
      libswt still depends on java2-runtime.
    . eclipse3.0-java does not anymore contain any plugins, only the things
      needed to call /usr/bin/jdtc3.0 and the ant compiler adapter

  * Changes to the package build prozess:
    . Uses cdbs for everything and not the helper scripts...
      => completly redone the rules file...
    . ant.properties includes a hack not to zip the result of the build
      prozess, so that we take everything from tmp and put it into the
      right place. Should speed up the build prozess...
    . The debian/rules file is a complete mess, as I had to work around some
      really stupid native build problems. To make it short: upstream
      hasn't added a way to compile them. So I had to do it...
    . Both the motif and the gtk starter binary are build now and put into
      the eclipse3.0-jni package. Dependencies are only Suggests:, as one of
      the window system is pulled in via the eclipse-window-system
      Depends: anyway.
    . Some debhelper files are now autogenerated via debian/input/

  * Droped all patches, including the debian only ones. No idea yet,
    how to port them to new system and if thats needed. Some parts are
    now supported upstream, just in a different way.

  * Cleaned up various debian/* files
    . copyright: add "2004"

  * Just a note: the motif libs do not compile with lesstif. So no main...

 -- Jan Schulz <debian@katzien.de>  Thu, 12 Aug 2004 04:03:10 +0200

So, if anyone would like to step up, here is a nice packages waiting
for you! 

To get you a easier way in: have a look at the clean target and the
debhelper.in rules. cdbs knowledge won't hurt either, as there are a
few hacks in the package to work around cdbs shortcomings.

I'm around on both ML and available via ICQ: 149216469. I will help as
much as I can do! 

I will file a formal orphaning bug, if noone on this ML wants to have
it. Eclipse should be removed from the archive once eclipse3.0 is in.

Nice greetings from Karlsruhe, Jan
Jan Schulz                     jasc@gmx.net
     "Wer nicht fragt, bleibt dumm."

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