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Re: RFH: how to really assemble java packages

How many classes does libgnumail-java miss? It might be quite easy to at least include stub classes that would allow your app to be compiled with free tools.

 Well, compile would be ok, but how someone would run it? But to answer
your question, I think at least 20 classes are missing, mostly
com.sun.mail.imap.* .

It looks like the application should *not* refer to those classes. Sun is saying this on http://java.sun.com/products/javamail/javadocs/overview-summary.html :

The JavaMail reference implementation from Sun includes protocol providers in subpackages of com.sun.mail. Note that the APIs to these protocol providers are not part of the standard JavaMail API. Portable programs will not use these APIs.

I suggest that you contact the upstream author with this info, and see if he can get rid of the dependency. If you have problems, feel free to ask for help on this list again.


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