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Re: kaffe-1.1.1 package available for tests

On Wed, 6 Aug 2003 23:48:40 +1000
Ben Burton <bab@debian.org> wrote:

> > Yes,  maybe this  is short.  On the  other hand,  one can  take into
> > consideration that the last message  of Ean about upgrading (at that
> > time  it  was  to  kaffe  1.1.0)  was  almost  two  month  ago  (see
> > #196867). And there has been a  mail on this list (which I assume he
> > should read) about problems contacting him.
> I understand  the problem,  and the reasons  you cite are  reasons for
> wanting to  NMU in the first  place, not for doing  a highly irregular
> new upstream NMU  right now.  For such a  significant change I'd allow
> Ean  ample time to  respond (and  perhaps this  response will  be "yes
> please, go ahead").   Recall that NMUs are generally  used to fix bugs
> whilst minimising unrelated changes.   Presumably this is because with
> a  large  software package  like  kaffe, there  may  be  all sorts  of
> subtleties with packaging, upgrade  paths, etc. that the maintainer is
> familiar with  but an NMUer  might not know about.   Bug-fix-only NMUs
> generally do  not fall  prey to such  problems.  New  upstream release
> NMUs do.

As I said:

On Tue, 05 Aug 2003 23:31:33 +0200 (CEST)
Arnaud Vandyck <arnaud-guest@users.alioth.debian.org> wrote:

> As I'm not a  DD and also not the kaffe maintainer,  I will not upload
> the package,  nor ask  for a sponsor  to upload  it. As I  did nothing
> special  to build  the  package,  everybody feel  free  to modify  the
> changelog and upload
> (!!!  except #196867, NO bug should be closed with the changelog!!!). 

You can  see that  I introduced some  problems because I'm  not familiar
with the package but as I am  on holliday, I'm trying to help Debian the
more I can;)

On Wed, 06 Aug 2003 13:12:43 +0200
Stefan Gybas <sgybas@provective.de> wrote:

> Unfortunately, your packages  don't work - at least  on i386. Building
> libant1.5-java with  your Kaffe package  fails. The Ant  build process
> calls  itself during  the  build (and  thus  starts a  JVM) but  using
> JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/kaffe does not compile  and classes at all. The JVM
> simply does nothing.
> When using  my locally compiled  Kaffe 1.1.1 (just  ./configure; make;
> make      install)     it      works     fine      (after     creating
> /usr/local/kaffe/share/kaffe). So  I guess the  options to ./configure
> need to be fixed in  debian/rules.  Maybe upstream can help us finding
> the best options?
>  BTW,  does Kaffe  1.1 still  need  libffi2-dev (on  powerpc only)  as
> specified in debian/control?

Best regards,

-- Arnaud Vandyck, STE fi, ULg
   Formateur Cellule Programmation.

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