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Re: kaffe-1.1.1 package available for tests

Disclaimer: I haven't been following the kaffe situation at all; I use
gij for my primary DFSG-free JVM.

> I think we should fix and test your Kaffe 1.1.1 packages and do an NMU 
> if Ean does not answer within the next few days.

Doesn't a few days seem abnormally short notice for such a major NMU -
not a bugfix but an entire new upstream release?

> Kaffe should also have 
> at least one co-maintainer since it will be the base for many Java 
> packages moving to main.

The gij interpreter is quite advanced and for me works better than kaffe
in almost all cases where I've done a comparison.  There is no reason
(in most cases) that an out-of-date kaffe should be a bottleneck for
packages progressing into main.

Incidentally, several java packages could move from contrib into main if
the maintainers could simply take the time to write their own Makefiles
instead of relying on the default ant build system which is in contrib,
e.g., #163168.  It's a bit of work but it's certainly possible - see
jython for an example.


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